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The first post on a blog is always the hardest. 

A Journey through Motherhood and Beyond. That was my very first tag line for my blog back in 2004. A lot has changed for me personally and in the world, since I started blogging. 

I started that blog in 2004. At the time I was excited to explore CSS, PHP, run my own site, design, code and have a personal creative outlet while I traveled with my husband. When we became a family of five, I found it a struggle to maintain a creative space. Then came the age of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, all providing a stage to share without having to maintain an entire website. Microblogging was all the rage and I jumped right in.

This time around, I plan to share less family and more of my personal journey, creative expressions, spirituality and my passions. My family is a huge part of that, but they will not be the focus of this space.

I am a creative soul. This space will reflect that, keep me accountable and give me a place to express myself beyond motherhood.

I never imagined myself where I am today. If someone had told me that I would eventually land on the east coast of Canada, have three kids & stay at home to raise them, adopt two dogs & a cat, become a yoga teacher & Reiki practitioner. That list could go on and on. I did not have a 1, 5, 10 year plan that got me where I am today. Faith, Intuition, & Love got me here.

I have come to a place in my life that I am honouring that my experiences have value and I want to share them. Writing is something that I have always enjoyed and lately everywhere I turn there are nudges from the universe to get back at it, WRITE. 

As a yoga teacher, I nurture and hold space for those in my class. I want to honour that for myself, through writing and sharing my experiences, it is my hope to nurture and hold space for myself.

There is so much I hope to share with you, kind reader. 

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