Stop Consuming, Start Creating

That simple statement totally changed my trajectory allowing me to start on the path of creation once again. I first came across this concept while reading a blog post on, and it kept coming up. Thank you, Universe!

To move from dreamer to “doer”, the first step I needed to take was to identify my consumption habits and optimise my schedule.

“To become a doer, I had to replace all my consumption habits with creation.”

Originally posted on Quora by Josh Fechter

Consumption Habit #1 - Collecting Books & Information

I absolutely LOVE the library. The HalifaxPublic Libraries are amazing. When I am reading Instagram post, blog posts, etc any books referenced I add them to my hold requests.

You see, I absolutely crave knowing more. I had the opportunity to do my CliftonStrengths Finder and Input is in my top five strengths. I collect and archive EVERYTHING! I love to read.

However, being perpetually in Research Mode was freezing any progress I wanted to make.

The idea of replacing this habit made my tummy hurt. Do I have to stop reading? In that moment, I realized, I did not have to stop reading. I had to stop the habit of collecting books at an alarming rate.

Habit change #1 - Collect the Titles of Books for Future Reading

Instead of placing every book title I came across on hold, I started placing it on “For Later Shelf” (part of the library website). So rather than having piles and piles of books fighting for my attention, I have a list of amazing books that I can come back to and retrieve when I want to. I have an ever changing, ever growing list of books that is there waiting for me, when I am ready, rather than vying for my attention!

Consumption Habit #2 - Subscribing to Newsletters

There are so many amazing newsletters out there! Granted, I want you to subscribe to mine once I am live and I subscribe to handful that are AMAZING!

Yet my Inbox was overflowing with information that I was consuming yet not doing. I tend to be a digital horder at the best of times, so I had to take a look at what was coming in and if it was really brightening my life or if it was dulling it.

Habit Change #2 - Clearing out Emails

I had to align my inbox with my desire to create more, consume less.

If I didn’t read or click for more information in a newsletter, I unsubscribed. Period. No mercy.

Well, that isn’t entirely true. If I have an internet crush on the person behind the newsletter, I chose to follow them in other formats, like Instagram or Facebook.

I also stopped signing up for anymore courses online. It is all the rage these days to have free mini courses. I get sucked into signing up and then not following through due to the “lack of time” that was occurring with my consumption addiction. While all those Master Classes are super tempting, at least for right now, I remind myself I am in creation mode.

Consumption Habit #3 - Time on my Phone

I find myself scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. If I bring my phone to bed, either in the evening or morning (seriously worse than nighttime really!) I find myself getting lost in all the information.

It is so easy to roll over and open my phone, inviting the whole to the world into my barely conscious state every morning. However, this will cause me to totally stall my morning ritual. In fact, there are times I simply run out of time just because I got caught scrolling through endless feeds of awesomeness.

Phones are designed to keep us engaged. I needed to find a way to not even be tempted to take a peek at my phone!

Habit Change #3 - Putting my Phone Away early

I used to have my phone plugged in like on my headboard so I won’t even have to really open my eyes before scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. I had plenty of excuses why the phone had to be there. It was my alarm, I needed to post for work, blah blah blah.

I now put my phone away at night. I cannot reach it unless I get my tush out of bed. This move grew out of my work with Suzanne, my holistic nutritionist at InBalanse.

If I need to set an alarm, we have an alarm clock. I schedule posts now, so I do not feel as tied to my phone. Now, when I get into bed, I do so to sleep! I actually feel a little smug when my husband (who still brings his phone to bed, despite my nudging), stays up on his phone and I am totally in sleep mode.

Final Thoughts

When I came across the article on the concept of stop consuming, start creating, I needed that push to start taking some risks.  Before that point, I needed that incubation period to feel safe, to gain knowledge, and now I am ready to move pass that. I am in the place of creation now and it feels so good!

Have you ever gotten stuck in consumption mode? What helped you get into creation mode from there?