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Hello Bright Light ✨

Welcome to WildFlower Mantra, the spot I created to share my adventures in yoga, energy healing, crystals, oils, parenting, and everything in between. By sharing these experiences, it is my sincerest hope that you find the inspiration you need to create the space needed to nurture your spirit and live your best life!

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Yoga is my inspiration, movement, & transformation. 

If I had one wish, it would be that everyone experience the benefits of yoga. It has inspired me to live life in alignment, it has strengthened my body, and transformed how I view the world.

Movement is only one branch of yoga, and it is usually where most people start. Every body is capable of practising yoga. My body is not the typical, cover of a magazine yoga body. Yet with practice, I have been pleasantly surprised what my body is capable of.

Give the gift of time to your body. Invite movement into your day. 

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Our modern world is fast paced & filled with distractions. This affects us all in different ways, ultimately depleting our inner resources.

While it would be amazing to live day in and out, blissed out meditating & practicing yoga, for most of us, living full-time at an ashram is not realistic. 

Reiki has the potential to restore your life force energy when it’s become depleted.

Reiki, meditation & yoga are the  perfect energetic healing modalities for the pressures of modern life. 

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